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3CX VoIP phone system has many useful features – free calls to the office, assigning one phone number to different devices, making conference & video calls and more.
It is an extremely cost effective solution that will save your company a noticeable sum over the course of time. PRO has experienced and certified experts who can help you choose the best option for your business and offer great VoIP phone system support.

3cx functions

Loads of useful functions

Just to name a few useful 3CX VoIP functions:

  • Same extension everywhere you go
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    Comfortable and simple to use headset
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    No per user license
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    Visible caller name
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    Faxes get converted to PDF and are sent to your email
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    Encrypted voice traffic
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    Simple conference calls
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    Easy backup in Google Drive

Many ways of saving money

With the 3CX phone system, it is easy to save on calls. All calls made from 3CX are free of charge, even the ones taken from your 3CX app on your smartphone. You don't have to pay for every employee separately, which is especially useful for expanding businesses or companies with many employees.

The 3CX VoIP software is completely software based, which saves on hardware costs – that means there are no maintenance fees and it has less points of failure. To top it all off, conference calls are completely free of charge for up to 5 participants.

3cx phone support
3cx phone support with casey

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