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Welcome to the PRO Account Portal

To better assist you, PRO automatically creates a portal account with every service that we perform and sends the log-in information to your email address. If you have done service with PRO in the past you most likely already have your login information, but if you have problems logging in, please call us at (773) 907-0600.

To check the progress of your repair without logging into the portal, go here.

Ship-in Your Device for Repair - No Credit Card Necessary

Broken PC Laptop, MacBook, iPhone or iPad? Need data recovered from your USB flash drive, NAS or Server Hard Drives? With no money upfront, now you can

  • Create a Service Order - Pick your device type, select repair needed, describe the symptoms and complete brand and model
  • Print UPS Shipping Label - Select Shipping Service and Shipping Speed. Shipping charge will be added to the final invoice
  • Track your Repair Progress and Approve Estimates - You are always kept in the loop
  • Print and Pay your Invoice - All done throughout our secure portal, no credit cards are stored by PRO

Here are some of the Advance Level Repairs that PRO offers nationwide:

  • PC and Apple Laptops with Power, Video, or Liquid Spill problems
  • iPad and iPhone LCD, Digitizer, and Liquid Spill Repairs
  • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Pro Retina LCD Screen Replacement
  • USB Flash Drive Repair and REASONABLE Advance Level Clean Room Data Recovery - NO Data, No Charge Policy

Are you a PRO Care Member?

  • Create and track support ticket progress
  • View, Print and Pay Open Invoices

Features to come

  • Request or/and Schedule your On-site or Remote Support Appointment
  • Messenger in your Device for repair if you live in Chicagoland area

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