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Maintenance & ANTIVIRUS

Sometimes small issues snowball into a bigger one and cause a lot of technical issues. A lot of business grade computer issues can be avoided with the right preventative care and remote computer help. PRO will keep an eye on your system health so everything will go smoothly. Our Pro Care packages offer you complete peace of mind with our business computer antivirus, maintenance and with our unlimited remote support, there will be no delays in work.
Once a virus has entered the system, it might be too late. We will work to PROactively avert those issues – in Chicago and nationwide. This is how we work our magic.


In three years together, PRO has not only helped upgrade our obsolete system but design and build-out a new office with new systems. This change has been transformative and has jumped our business forward and helped us get caught up with the ever evolving world of computers, networks, and how they are intertwined with everything we do. We no longer resemble the company we were five years ago thanks to their guidance.

When we have any question or technical issue, we contact them immediately freeing our team to focus on our business and its success.

– Seminary Properties

Seminary Properties
help desk support

Fast Help Desk Support

Whatever issue you might have with your technology, we have it covered. Our Help Desk Support is available every weekday to provide you with efficient, fast and knowledgeable help. When something stops working or you're not sure how to use a program, just give us a call or send us an email and we will get on it right away. No downtime means more time to focus on business.

business antivirus

Effective Antivirus software

Our business antivirus software will keep an eye on potential threats and block them before they become an issue. Our tech support gives you extra security while working with important and delicate documents and makes sure all your files will be unaffected by malware.

proactive computer maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Our proactive computer maintenance keeps your computer magically optimized. We will keep an eye on the updates, make sure all system files are wholesome, clean up your system weekly, and check disk health. And yes, even more. Read more about our two computer maintenance plans and pick out whichever suits your needs better.

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