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Small Business IT Support Services and Solutions

Since 2003, PRO has provided Small Business IT Support Services to small and medium-size companies within the Chicago-land area. Our approach is different from most other IT service providers in that we provide enterprise level technology solutions that increase productivity, cut costs, and improve customer experience at very competitive rates.

Whether you have QuickBooks, virus or networking problems, need to get into the Cloud, or you are looking for a reliable and responsive technology partner, you have come to the right place. PRO can help you with a wide range of business IT support and services.

  • Frustrated with your current IT support provider?
  • Are the IT expenses out of control?
  • Unresponsive and unreliable IT support guy?
  • Computers crashing, employees complaining?
  • Email not working?
  • Server or network down?

We are here to help! Join our many satisfied clients and give us a call today @ (312) 800-2858

small business it support small business it support

small business it support small business it support


Small Business Networking and Network Security

Most businesses today require more than just being able to access files from your colleagues' computer or printing to a shared office printer. In order to be able to expand your business, you must be able run your current enterprise both efficiently and securely. PRO can help your business share files on a local network using a NAS that provides the same functions as a server at a fraction of the cost. PRO can also expand your ability to work from home or on the go through VPN or Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). Secure your network, call PRO today for a free network assessment. Read more about our Small Business Network and Server Support Services

CAT 6 Wiring and CCTV Cameras

Are you moving your office and you need someone to wire the place as per your needs? Do you need eyes on your property or building? PRO can install Cat 6 Wiring and provide you with the latest CCTV IP cameras that you can access remotely 24/7/365 from your phone or your home desktop.

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