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PRO approach is different from most other IT service providers in that we provide reliable and professional tech support services  that increase productivity, cut costs, and improve customer experience at very competitive rates. We've been providing small business IT support for almost a decade.

Need a tech? Hire a PRO!

Are you having the following issues?

  • You are frustrated with your current business IT support provider
  • Your IT expenses are out of control
  • Server or network is down
  • You have an unresponsive & unreliable IT support guy or company
  • Computers are ​crashing and employees are complaining
  • Your email is not working

PRO gets it

  • Your small business has small IT needs, and a small budget
  • Your IT systems are critical, and should be supported by IT professionals
  • You want a professional who knows and understands your business and systems, not just whoever is available that day


business computer maintenance


With Pro Care for Business, you can be assured that all your computer and IT services related issues get taken care of immediately. We offer remote support to fix all issues quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to stand idle.

server and network support


​Pro can set up a new server, or troubleshoot and maintain an existing one. We can make sure you can access all the company’s files while not in the office. Having a stable server adds efficiency and expense predictability.

managed it services


Not everyone is technical – and that’s okay. Instead of waiting for long periods of time for help to arrive or trying to fix issues themselves, we can quickly remote into the user’s computer and fix the issue​.

cloud services support


Cloud computing is the way of the future. Using cloud backup eliminates capital expense in the form of data centers and hardware. Cloud computing enables you to scale easily and elastically and offers incomparable reliability.

cloud backup


Accidents happen. Hardware breaks down, technology can get stolen or corrupt. Losing all your data is one of the worst things to happen to your company. Backing up data in the cloud can change data loss from an irreparable disaster to a minor inconvenience.

infrastructure and networking


Having a reliable and well-documented infrastructure can save you a lot of headache in the future. If your company is expanding, it will be much easier to also expand your IT framework, also hardware troubleshooting is simpler and more efficient.

Protect what's yours

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses
We are equipped to recognize and shut down threats as soon as they come up.


PRO has been amazing and changed our lives so we can concentrate on our business. They came in and streamlined all of our computers with a cost-effective backup system. They know the latest software that small business owners should have and bring it to our attention.

Today I don’t spend any time on the phone being transferred from one department to the next trying to get my IT issues fixed. PRO simply gets it done! 

If you are a small business I cannot recommend a more reliable and dedicated company than PRO!

– Culliton & Quinn

Culliton Quinn

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