Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

What would happen to your business if…

  • A company laptop ​got stolen?
  • Your customer data or accounting files got corrupted and ​are not recoverable?
  • An employee checked their personal email at work and innocently clicked on a link that encrypted your entire network and demanded a ransom?

Minor misfortunes happen every day in businesses. Files become corrupt. Hard drives fail. Employees accidentally delete folders and may be fooled into clicking on vicious emails.

Major disasters also occur. Fires wipe out computers and all the data on them. Ransomware attacks turn crucial business files into undecipherable gibberish.

Your business needs to be prepared for minor misfortunes as well as major disasters. This means creating an appropriate data backup strategy, a business continuity plan and an IT disaster recovery plan.

If your small- or medium-sized business suffers a catastrophic data loss, it almost certainly will fail. It’s that simple.

Catastrophic data loss is one of the most detrimental events that can happen to a small- or medium-sized business. According to The Underwriting Guide for Insurers, only six percent of mid-size companies that suffer catastrophic data loss ever recover. Yes, you read that correctly. Only six percent. 43% never reopen, and 51% close within two years of the disaster.

Unfortunately, data loss is a relatively common occurrence. Hard drives die, and even automated backups sometimes fail to archive every single file correctly. Data loss becomes catastrophic when a sizeable or vital set of data becomes unrecoverable.

Our Managed Cloud Backup System and Disaster Recovery Solution can prevent catastrophic data loss and could potentially save your company. Call PRO at (773) 907-0600 and ask for a FREE Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Consultation!

Chicago Cloud Backup Solutions for Workstation, Server and NAS

Are you a small business owner or an office manager running a small business in the Chicagoland area looking for a reliable and cost effective solution to backup offsite your Server or NAS (Network Attached Storage)? PRO can do that for you!
Our Cloud Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery plans for Server and NAS Devices have unlimited storage and are priced at pennies per GB.

Cost Effective Disaster Recovery Solutions for Small Businesses

Disaster recovery used to be enterprise-only solutions, with expensive per server or per application fees, overlapping tools and required investments in third-party support.

The good news is that disaster recovery is now more accessible and affordable than ever. PRO gives small businesses the tools they need to handle threats to their data, from accidental deletions and hardware failures to malware and natural disasters. We help them prevent downtime with powerful, easy-to-use features that fit their size and budget.  

You don’t need an enterprise-level solution with multiple redundant data centers, but you do need redundancy. PRO automatically backs up to offsite storage, and can run a virtual image of your environment if any of your existing servers fail.

This service provides a cost-effective, affordable solution to a range of IT issues faced by businesses, such as:

  • Data loss due to fire or flood damage to IT equipment
  • Theft of data
  • PC or laptop systems crashing
  • Staff unable to work due to server issues
  • Virus attacks
  • No access to files
  • ​And much more

With PRO's​ Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, you can retrieve lost or damaged files — from a single file to an entire system.

How does it work?
Getting your system protected is easy. There is no hardware to install or any training required. Simply give our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery team a call now (773) 907-0600 or contact us and they will have your data backed-up safe and secure in no time. It’s ideally suited ​for small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t have either the in-house capability or the deep pockets of larger organizations.