Cloud services setup & support

PRO can help you set up and troubleshoot different cloud services. Whether you’re having issues with Office 365 setup, Google Apps, virtual servers or need QuickBooks help – we have the experience to make all your day-to-day tasks and migrations go smoothly.
Using a cloud is a great way to store data, because it is flexible, budget friendly, and secure. All employees can access all necessary files from wherever, whenever. This ensures uniformity in the business and 

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Virtual server setup and troubleshooting

PRO can help you set up a virtual server and maintain it. The more your company scales, the more data you create and employees need access to them. Using cloud services is a good option that can scale with the company, is simple to manage and it keeps your information safe. Every company is differnt, with different budgets and needs, so PRO offers a free consultation to come up with the best solution for your specific requirements.


We will make sure your Office 365 setup and maintenance is effortless and simple. PRO is a licensed Office 365 reseller, which means you just need to let us know whenever you want to add another user, delete a user or change their permissions, and we will do it immediately. We will troubleshoot all the issues with Office and ensure a seamless workflow.

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quickbooks help

Setup, migration and support for G-Suite and quickbooks

Sometimes even the most intuitive programs can have hiccups or updates that can be confusing or corrupt a system. We are experts in G-Suite and QuickBooks help, and will explain everything in “human” talk instead of techy geeky words. Our goal is to make users feel more comfortable using their everyday programs.

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