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If your hard drive is broken or corrupted, all is not lost. Hard drive data recovery is a simple procedure as long as the BIOS recognizes the drive and it turns on successfully, which is the case roughly 80% of the time. We cannot conduct hard drive repair, but we can retrieve the data off it. In our experience, only about 20% of the hard drives brought to us have been physically damaged and in need of higher level recovery.  An indication of a possible level II data recovery is usually a hard drive that makes clicking or grinding noises.

PRO data recovery services cover lost or corrupted files and hard drive boot problems at a fraction of the cost that many other companies want their customers to pay. 
We provide flat rate hard drive recovery based on the level of damage and have a no data, no charge policy.

Do you need a hard drive recovery for the following reasons?

  • You have accidentally deleted data
  • You can't find any files on your computer
  • Your computer has extreme slowdowns
  • Your computer is unable to read drive at boot

What you're looking for

  • You need your data back fast
  • You want a budget friendly data recovery
  • You don't want to pay upfront for your data recovery or pay for possibly unrecoverable data

We offer data recovery from the following devices:

  • Desktop/laptop hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • SD cards
  • External hard drives

My external drive had stopped working after even switching USB ports, etc. PRO was able to successfully retrieve the data from my drive, and because it was a slow process, let it run all night to do so. Then they put the recovered data onto a new 2TB external drive. I had been scanning many photographs and didn't want to lose them.

A fair price, fast and nice work!"

- Linda F

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