​Data Recovery Services

Having issues getting your data from your hard drive, flash drive, or USB? PRO provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to data recovery from:

  • Desktop hard drives
  • Laptop hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • SD cards
  • External hard drives

We can also fix other issues, such as if your hard drive is plugged in but not reading or making clicking noises. If your hard drive is broken or corrupted, all is not lost. Hard drive data recovery is a simple procedure as long as the BIOS recognizes the drive and it turns on successfully, which is the case 80% of the time. In our experience, only about 20% of the hard drives brought to us have been physically damaged and in need of higher level recovery. In most of the cases we can recover and restore your files within 1-3 days. In the few cases where the drive has physical damage, the process may take longer.

Cost Effective Data Recovery Services

We provide recovery for the following devices: external hard drives, laptop or desktop hard drives, USB and SD flash drives, NAS, RAID, and servers.

PRO Data Recovery Services cover lost or corrupted files and hard drive boot problems at a fraction of the cost that many other companies want their customers to pay. 

We provide flat data recovery rates based on the level of damage and have a No Data, No Charge policy.

At PRO, there is no upfront charge. Our repair process is designed to minimize your downtime, provide you with a flat rate repair cost, and keep you informed about your service order status at all times through our repair portal.

PRO has three easy ways to start your data recovery order:

  • CALL ​​(773) 907-0600​, a PRO will be glad to help
  • CARRY-IN, bring your device to our Chicagoland location, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED
  • SHIP-IN, use our repair portal, print a UPS label, pack and ship, NO CREDIT CARD NECESSARY