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While many IT services can be provided behind the scenes to avoid disrupting your staff's workday, there are times when you need an IT professional and business computer service on hand. This becomes particularly evident when employees need immediate assistance or systems need to be repaired as fast as possible.
That's when having a responsive IT help desk and tech support becomes very important.
We can offer remote tech support to fix all of the computer issues that come up and disrupt the staff's work at a very budget friendly price.

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No need for in-house help desk

Having a personal IT help desk is great, but few small- to mid-sized companies can prioritize that. This is when PRO can help – you can outsource your help desk. Being a small business, we will get to know your employees and the company. We will know your setup and can offer help desk that is as good as an in-house one.

Quickly solving your computer issues

We are ready to address any issues end users are having during all business hours, including Saturdays. Whether it's an email program not responding, computer having strange errors or virus pop-ups – you will be just one phone call or email away from contacting our tech support, fixing the issue and continuing your work.
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24/7 maintenance

In order to avoid as many problems as possible, our Chicago antivirus software will keep an eye out for potential threats that might cause issues. Our tech support team will let you know if we notice something suspicious and will never compromise your privacy. We will make you be on top of things at all times.
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Interested in having our impressive (if we may say so ourselves) tech support and help desk?
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