If you're looking for reliable, personalized and high-quality network cabling in Chicago, you've made it.
PRO is experienced in designing, implementing and maintaining video, voice and data networks. We can ensure that your network cables are optimized for efficiency and safety, and are set up properly. Our network wiring and security camera system implementations will be carried out by trained professionals. PRO offers network cabling and video surveillance setup services for both homes and businesses.

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Commercial & Business Wiring

There is a lot that goes into correct and efficient network cabling. Our reliable and professional networking team will determine the best type of cable (CAT 5 or 6, for example), the best path and the correct configuration for your needs, so you could enjoy the fastest possible network connection. Maximum efficiency averts many slow network issues that you might otherwise suffer from.


Using real-time video surveillance is the most efficient and a surprisingly low-cost method of keeping your business and property safe. We offer free consultation to figure out the best fit for your business and the type of security camera systems that have all the necessary functions you need. PRO can help you with CCTV upgrades, setups, and maintenance.

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Having a reliable, fast and easily manageable network is crucial for most businesses. We will solve any issues you might be having with your data transfers and update/optimize your current network wiring system. PRO has experience doing work for many small- and medium-sized businesses with very different needs and budgets. Give us a call and we will create the perfect plan for you!

How we will win your heart

  • A free one-hour consultation
  • Experienced and professional technicians
  • Up to one-year warranty on security camera systems
  • Five-year warranty for all cables
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