Laptop screen repair for DELL Latitude E6320

Here we have a laptop with a broken screen.

This is an extremely common problem, it doesn't take much to crack an LCD panel on a laptop.

Our tech started by taking off the bezel. Most models have at least 2-6 screws holding the bezel in place, hidden behind rubber feet or plastic sheets with adhesive. This one in particular has no screws holding the bezel in place, simply plastic tabs that can be carefully disconnected.

Once the bezel has been removed, we begin removing the screen from the LCD back cover. This process varies. Below you can see the old screen has been removed from the LCD back cover, and the new screen connected to the LCD cable.

Connecting the LCD cable to the screen or disconnecting it is not a difficult process, but it is very fragile (this also applies to removing the screen bezel). Our techs have seen many DIY victims bend crucial pins, or rip the wire countless times (it is not uncommon for the cable to be similarly priced as the screen itself! AND requires full dis-assembly to replace).

Before entire reassembly we make sure that the screen is actually functional for the particular model. In this case we had a compatible screen that was tested and works! Compatible model # LP133WH2-TlA2, original model # LP133WH2.

Final results? = SUCCESS! (See below)

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