laptop WATER DAMAGE repair


Spilled water on your laptop? We see a lot of laptop water damage and are very knowledgeable in these repairs. The best thing you can do after you spilled water on your laptop  is to force a hard shut down immediately. Continuing to use your computer after the liquid spill has occured can cause more damage.
It is easier to repair water damage to a laptop than it is to repair a sugary drink spill, since that tends to make everything sticky and damages the components more. 

Are you here because you...

  • Spilled water, wine or beer on your laptop
  • Spilled something sugary, such as soda on your laptop

What you're looking for

  • You spilled water on your laptop and need it repaired fast
  • Your laptop has water damage and you need the keys to work properly again
  • You want to be kept in the loop about your water spill repair

Here's what we can do for you:

Free & FAST diagnosis

We will diagnose the issues your computer has due to spilled water/soda and test it for everything – including speed and performance. Then we will send you the estimate and diagnosis for review.

120 day warranty

As a testimony of our great repair quality, we offer a 120 day warranty for all water/soda damage repairs. That way you can be sure that your issues are taken care of and you don't have to deal with the same issue again.

No upfront charge

We will not charge you before the repair or before you approve the estimate. You only pay when you pick up your repaired computer!

Thank you PRO for saving my work laptop! I spilled an entire glass of water onto the keyboard/mouse pad area and it made some scary crackling noises and shut itself down. After recovering from a spell of panic, I took the battery out, put several fans on it for a few hours, and called PRO. They did a free inspection and quote. The laptop just needed to be cleaned properly and have a new keyboard installed - files were saved! Gladly paid for that rather than a new computer. Quick, friendly, professional service."

- Jenny K.

You're not located in Chicago? 

We offer a nationwide service where you just

ship in your computer and get it repaired in no time. 
Did we mention there's no upfront fee?