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PROTechnology Professionals

Need a Tech? Hire PROs.™

Proactive Maintenance, Antivirus Security,
Remote Support, and Cloud Backup for Home

PRO Care

PRO Care offers a new approach to computer's proactive and preventative. With PRO Care, you no longer need to worry about your computer's security, speed and overall health. We manage and monitor your system to keep it in top condition and, we can do this all remotely while you're using your device, so we don't need to inconvenience you with an on-site visit or any digital downtime.

  • Is your computer running slow?
  • Do you have the latest security updates?
  • Is your antivirus up to date?
  • Are your photos and files backed-up?

If you answered "No" (or "i don't know"!) to any of these questions, PRO Care is for you!

Let PRO keep all of your systems performing at optimal levels with our proactive service that prevents most computer and system problems before repairs get both costly and time-consuming.

PRO Care is our proactive approach in monitoring your computer's health to avoid problems and keep your system running efficiently, backup your files in the cloud and securely protect you from viruses, malware and spyware.

Two yearly plans are available for home users:

PRO Care Home Plus

$399 $349 / Year per computer

  • Proactive Monitoring of System Performance
  • PRO Managed Antivirus & Real-Time Protection*
  • Virus Free Guarantee
  • Late-breaking Virus Alert & Response Countermeasures
  • Daily Hacker and Firewall Checks
  • Physical Disk Health and Space Checks
  • Daily Critical Events Check
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Remote Removal of Unwanted Programs
  • Windows, Java, and Adobe Security Updates
  • Browser Security Updates and Ad-on Checks
  • Weekly System Cleanup
  • Weekly Health Status Reports
  • Unlimited Cloud Backup
  • 15% Off for In-shop and Onsite Services

  • *Bitdefender Antivirus Software is included
  • Discount rates are available if you sign up 2 or more computers
  • Remote Support Hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Looking for Business IT Support? Call (312) 800- 2858 for a FREE Business IT Consultation