Server SETUP And network support

Nowadays, working from home or on the move is essential to business. Having a central server setup makes it possible to serve files and programs to employees and keep everyone in the loop all the time. PRO can help with fast and efficient server and network support in case something goes wrong, there is a power outage etc. That way we can guarantee that all your data is reachable and safe at all times. There’s a server with magnificent support behind every successful company!


PRO has always been very quick to respond with any IT issues that come up.

Their techs are knowledgeable, professional, and always up to the task.

– Katherine Frank Creative

Katherine Frank Creative
server setup

Server SETUP and migration

We will install, upgrade or migrate your server in Chicago, making sure everything stays where you want it. PRO can help you figure out exactly how much space you need, taking expansion into consideration. That way you don’t pay for something you don’t actually use.

RDP & VPN Setup

PRO can set up a remote computer access and a virtual private network that allow you to access all the necessary folders and programs you have at work. We will help you with any issues that might arise and will make sure you have constant uninterrupted access.
server support
network support


We set up and maintain NAS devices (network attached storage) that are perfect for small- to mid-sized businesses. A NAS makes it possible for all the chosen employees to access files and update them. NAS devices can also automatically create locally stored backups of all your business data. Overall, it has less capabilities than a file server and a smaller price tag. 
PRO also offer network support, which means we can take care of your entire network – starting with the cabling and ending with server maintenance and device upkeep.