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Cloud Computing Services mean that you can purchase different services (such as servers, storage space, software, and more) from a provider that has huge data centers, and is able to sell storage space and computing power to clients for an affordable rate.

This allows you to save on the cost of building your own infrastructure, improve speed and performance, and increase security due to the high-level security policies in place.

PRO technicians can help you migrate over from your on-site backup, troubleshoot any issues you might be having with your Cloud Services, help with your Office 365 migration, and manage all of your backups.

PRO has migrated companies with well over a hundred email accounts over to Office 365. After the migration, you will have more flexibility and save on email hosting while keeping all your important data. Office 365 also comes with a wide range of useful business applications, such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and more. When you use a Cloud Service to host your emails, you are essentially using a small piece of a huge server, therefore you don’t have to worry about maintaining the hardware or firmware of the system, nor pay for the upkeep of the entire system.

G-suite can offer more storage space per user for a very affordable price, compared to less known competitors. PRO usually recommends G-Suite for businesses that are used to Gmail, but want to have a professional sounding email with their business domain name. G-Suite has many useful applications similar to Office 365, which include Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Hangouts, and more. PRO can help you get situated with G-Suite and figure out the optimally cost-effective solution for your business type.

Azure is the fastest growing Cloud Services provider in the world—and for good reason—it offers very fast deployment, speed of operation, and it also offers SQL PaaS (Platform as a Service). This means that if your business uses SQL, you can buy it as one package and not worry about the nitty-gritty. Setup will be fast and efficient. You also don’t need to pay for your services if your server is turned off, which can save you money if your business isn’t exactly cookie-cutter. And, of course, Azure offers the same security and convenience as other Cloud Services.

Amazon Web Services is a hugely popular Cloud Computing Service. PRO uses AWS servers for hosting websites and for our VoIP server, since it is lightning-fast and has a lot of storage space. It is also highly recommended to back up your data to Amazon Web Services, since as a cloud services giant, they are able to offer a low price on exceptional service. PRO can help you get situated with Amazon Web Services, make sure you get the best bang for your buck, and have all your data safe and in one location without worrying about the technicalities.

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I was born and raised in Romania and in 2002 I gave up my French school plans for a fresh start in the US. After many unsuccessful attempts to join a company as a computer technician, I learned web design and search engine optimization and started to do home visits, helping people with their computer problems – that’s how PRO got started.


Adores his company and clients, coming up with improvement ideas on the daily. And he buys the rest of us lunch!


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I used to spend a lot more of my free time with electronics. Now you're more likely to find me hiking or biking and enjoying nature and a simple peaceful life. But I'll never completely give up my tech toys. I've come to love my drone and making short videos about travel and life. After living in Chicago for 6 years, I'm now a digital nomad, working from Europe. 


Makes the 8-hour time zone difference work for everyone and is a superhero at helping clients + coworkers. Always asks you how you are.


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I moved to Chicago in 2016 from Williamston, Michigan where I had my own computer repair company. When I'm not saving the city from certain technological doom, I'm either binge-watching Netflix, reading comics, playing video games or jamming on the guitar.


Has an unlimited amount of patience. He is also crazy good at mimicking any accent and sound.


Flings rubber bands at coworkers when they least expect it.


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I moved to Chicago from Estonia just a few years back. I have worked as a translator for about 5 years and still do that on the side. Everyone who knows me will also get regular updates about my adorable Siamese cat whom I brought with me from Estonia. I'm also an avid reader, love astronomy and play more Dead by Daylight than I'd like to admit.


Shares food all the time. Also has a better American English accent than most Americans here.


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