Repair Services

PRO offers a free diagnosis for any computer issues within 1 to 2 business days — no appointment necessary. 

Most of our repairs come with a flat rate price so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises, and our hardware repairs come with a 120 day warranty

We also offer convenient remote and on-site services and data recovery with a no data, no charge policy.

Sounds Familiar?

PC & Mac Repair

PRO’s experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle every hardware or software issue your computer might be having. We offer flat rates for most of our services, offer a 120-day warranty on hardware repairs and offer a free diagnosis and estimate in just 1-2 business days.


Remote Computer Support

We provide quick and convenient help for software issues that can be taken care of remotely. These problems include the suspicion of malware on your computer, constant pop-ups, different programs not working, a wireless printer not connecting, and much more. All you need for the remote session is a computer with an internet connection.


On-Site Network Troubleshooting

Our on-site engineers are friendly and knowledgeable professionals who will help you out with any computer-related issue.
Whether it’s setting up a new printer or computer, not being able to access the Internet or just troubleshooting your spotty home network, we can visit your house anywhere within the Chicagoland area for an hourly fee.


Data Recovery

PRO uses specialized tools and software to recover data from different types of hard drives, SD cards, and more. Our data recovery comes with a no data, no charge policy and a flat rate of $179. In case the drive has been mechanically damaged, we can get a free quote for advanced repair from an experienced data recovery company right here in Chicago.


Custom Built Desktops

If you’re looking for a computer that needs to be powerful and versatile for gaming or work needs, we would be happy to build something from the ground up. PROs will make a list of the most appropriate parts within your budget and make sure it fits right within your needs. We have built computers for CAD systems, trading, gaming, and more.



I like to repair things and make electronic devices become alive again. I moved to the United States from Asia in 1991. I have been working in the repair industry for a long time, and I started working on Apple laptops when I came to work for PRO 4 years ago.


Shares his Pepsi that he brings in every day, has the best sarcastic jokes and takes responsibility for cleaning the fish tank.


Warms up seafood in the communal microwave.


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I moved to Chicago in 2016 from Williamston, Michigan where I had my own computer repair company. When I'm not saving the city from certain technological doom, I'm either binge-watching Netflix, reading comics, playing video games or jamming on the guitar.


Has an unlimited amount of patience. He is also crazy good at mimicking any accent and sound.


Flings rubber bands at coworkers when they least expect it.


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Excellent Service

For well-over a decade, these guys have been my go-to in times of computer crisis. Without fail, they have effectively and quickly cured my laptop’s various ills and spills, have always been straight-up and honest, charged fairly, and just have been cool to work with.

David A.