On-site Network Troubleshooting

In case you need to set up or troubleshoot your Home Network Setup, your Wi-Fi signal is weak, or you would like to have your printer set up, PRO can travel to you and get you properly set up. Our knowledgeable PRO technicians also perform convenient in home computer repair.

Our reliable engineers will make a trip to your business or residence and will take care of your technical issues at the comfort of your own space. The PRO techs will travel all around the Chicagoland area to offer solutions to problems that can not be taken care of remotely.

Did your company purchase new computers, but they are missing all the necessary software to get work done? Or is it your personal computer that needs to be set up just like how you’re used to it? PRO will make everything work smoothly, starting from VPNs, correct software, network connections, and more.

Setting up a printer or another type of input device can be rather difficult remotely, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to bring your whole setup to our office. PRO can travel to you and set up all your peripherals, ensuring everything works seamlessly.

Business networks can be a big security risk if they are not or are unproperly configured. PRO on-site techs will engineer a secure and fast network and implement it at the spot. We will troubleshoot any issue you might be having and assure the integrity of your complete infrastructure.

Network Attached Storage systems are very popular with growing small businesses, since they are easily scalable, cost-effective and convenient. PRO can set up your backup on a NAS and ensure you have a centralized data storage unit for all your business’ needs.

Is the Wi-Fi connection at your office spotty or unreliable? PRO will use specialized tools to figure out the weak spots of your network connection, then implement methods of fixing the issues—whether it’s adding Access Points, configuring the settings, or anything else, we can help.

If your system has been compromised by a malicious virus that is well-hidden or you simply don’t have time to drop it off at our Jefferson Park office, the PRO techs can come to you, run scans on all the office computers, secure your personal data and remove all malware from your computers.

We want our clients to be capable of troubleshooting their issues if they are interested. The PROs talk in layman’s terms and won’t try to make tech seem fancier than it is. After our engineers are done, your staff will be able to attempt the basic troubleshooting methods independently.


I like to repair things and make electronic devices become alive again. I moved to the United States from Asia in 1991. I have been working in the repair industry for a long time, and I started working on Apple laptops when I came to work for PRO 4 years ago.


Shares his Pepsi that he brings in every day, has the best sarcastic jokes and takes responsibility for cleaning the fish tank.


Warms up seafood in the communal microwave.


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I moved to Chicago in 2016 from Williamston, Michigan where I had my own computer repair company. When I'm not saving the city from certain technological doom, I'm either binge-watching Netflix, reading comics, playing video games or jamming on the guitar.


Has an unlimited amount of patience. He is also crazy good at mimicking any accent and sound.


Flings rubber bands at coworkers when they least expect it.


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