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Laptop Screen Repair Services

Laptop LCD Screen Repair

Flat Rate Laptop Screen Repair for most PC Laptops

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Does your PC laptop have one of the following problems?

  • Broken LCD Screen
  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines
  • Dim LCD Screen
  • Flickering LCD Screen
  • Faint images on your LCD
  • No video image
  • Faded LCD Screen

Whatever the problem is, you have come to the right place. PRO specializes in repairing or replacing laptop LCD screens for all laptop brands and models: Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, HP, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and more.

We keep most laptop screen types and sizes in stock, which helps us make sure you get your laptop back as soon as possible. Most standard PC laptop LCD screens falls within our flat rate prices, but if you have a specialty screen that doesn't, we will still provide you a free quote for repair. Laptop LCD damage is usually caused by hard impacts to your laptop. Remember, the laptop LCD is a very sensitive and fragile piece of equipment. Even the slightest amount of pressure on your laptop LCD can cause it to break.

Fast and Reliable Chicago Laptop LCD Screen Repair and Replacement Service

At PRO there is no upfront charge. Our laptop screen repair process is designed to minimize your downtime, provide you with a flat rate repair cost, and keep you informed about your laptop screen repair at all times through our repair portal.

Our Laptop LCD Screen Repair service include FREE diagnosis and comes with 120 days warranty. Find more about PRO and how we are different than all the other guys.

If you are pressed for time your laptop LCD screen repair order can be rushed (Priority Service) or we can provide you with a Laptop Loaner (only for carry-in orders) for a flat fee of $40 (only for carry-in orders) for the duration of the repair.

 Proactive Maintenance, Antivirus Security, & Cloud Backup | PRO

PRO has three easy ways to start your laptop screen repair:

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