PC & Mac Repair

PRO offers a free diagnosis for any computer issues within 1 to 2 business days. M

Most of our computer repair comes with a flat rate price so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises, and our hardware repairs come with a 120-day warranty.

 We also offer convenient remote and on-site services & data recovery with a no data, no charge policy. 
Our goal is to streamline your technology, make it faster, more reliable, and secure. We are techy, but talk to you in human language and always let you know if your machine isn’t worth repairing—we give our word.

PRO specializes in PC and Mac repair for all computer brands and models: Mac Pro, Air, Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and more. If you ‘re looking for a different service, just let us know and we will be happy to come up with a solution!

In certain cases, your computer problem may not be covered by one of our flat rate services. In these situations, PRO will perform a free Mac or PC diagnostic to figure out the exact issue and quote you—no strings attached.

Malware comes in many shapes and sizes—it can slow your computer, show up as annoying pop-ups or completely lock your computer down. Whatever the issue, PROs can remove the mal- or spyware and keep your computer healthy.

Whether it’s a MacBook or a PC laptop, we can replace the screen with minimal downtime and a reasonable cost. If your screen isn’t visibly cracked and just won’t turn on, we conduct a free diagnosis to figure out the underlying issues.

If your laptop isn’t charging anymore or you have to wiggle the charging cable to get it to work, you should repair the DC jack before it causes damage to the motherboard and will become many times more costly.

In case you need to transfer your data from one computer to another or your operating system is acting up (blue screen, anyone?), making computer usage impossible, we can help you install a fresh OS. If the issue is rarer, we conduct a full free diagnosis.

If your computer is sluggish even after file optimization, we often recommend installing an SSD, which is reliable and provides a significant speed boost. If you have a lot of data and a smaller budget, we can easily swap out your faulty/full hard drive for something better.


I like to repair things and make electronic devices become alive again. I moved to the United States from Asia in 1991. I have been working in the repair industry for a long time, and I started working on Apple laptops when I came to work for PRO 4 years ago.


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I moved to Chicago in 2016 from Williamston, Michigan where I had my own computer repair company. When I'm not saving the city from certain technological doom, I'm either binge-watching Netflix, reading comics, playing video games or jamming on the guitar.


Has an unlimited amount of patience. He is also crazy good at mimicking any accent and sound.


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