Development, Customization, & Integration

SuiteCRM is the core of our business and it’s the primary tool that helps us deliver responsive and cost efficient service. Whether your are a contractor (landscaper, plumber, carpet or hardwood) or your business is in manufacturing, or maybe you are an MSP like us, SuiteCRM can streamline, integrate, and automate your business operations. It comes with standard modules such as leads, contacts, accounts, quote, invoices, etc, however the customization allows you to create a personalized solution that fits your business.

Besides the included functionality, some of the other advanced functionalities may include workflow automation, reporting, and self-serve portal for your customers.

Story About how pro Started Using SuiteCRM

PRO started using SuiteCRM in 2006, when we moved into our first store front location, because we believed that there had to be a better way of running a computer repair shop. A better way than using paper forms, excel and had to manually enter the client information over and over again in multiple systems.

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So we started with a basic intake form that will generate a service order number, print a PDF for the client to sign and also send him an email confirmation of the receipt and explaining him the next steps. That was the front end, in the back-end we build from the ground up a SuiteCRM (SugarCRM CE then) module that will capture the client information, the type of the device and the problem description. Most of the people might have stopped here but we didn’t.:) We broke down the repair process in 15 steps (now 22), integrated with eBay, automatically send estimates by email and gave the client the ability to approve the repair estimate online. We also integrated with Google Wallet (remember that?:) for online invoice payment and send email follow-up asking for feedback, 3 days after reach order pick-up.

The business took off and the clients loved the efficiency and the fact that nothing was getting through the cracks – because of “sugar” and our reliable service PRO become the most reputable computer repair shop in Chicagoland completing close to 12 000 repairs orders and have a client base of over 7 00 accounts by the end of 2012.

PRO grew to a team of 4 and we started to be install and maintain servers, configure networks and migrate small businesses to the cloud – Office 365 just started up. So in 2013 we realized that we need different type of systems in order to proactively monitor, manage and support business IT infrastructure and also deliver responsive remote or on-site support when needed.

We started researching the market for an all inclusive solution that will help PRO going in the new direction but the solutions out there were very expensive, didn’t have the functionality that we wanted and no one cared about our little “sugar” module that helped us getting there. So we decided to map our entire new business model into SuiteCRM, expand the client portal and integrate with QuickBooks and the VoIP phone system.

Fast forwarding to today, PRO has grown to be the place where small business go to get their technology challenges resolved, fast and reliable. We are able to deliver the quality of services we offer because the core of our business is efficient, automated, and streamlined and so can be yours! Clients that have experienced our service have asked us what’s our secret? We truly believe that suiteCRM can be used as a tool to streamline and grow your business and we have proved this helping other small business doing the same thing!

We also believe in “never stop improving” and the development is still on-going and worked on regular basis, because there is always room to get better!

Our development services are not limited to only the modules we have already developed. Our focus is to provide solutions that help you run your business more effectively, even if you don’t think it’s possible. Our development team is experienced with both front-end and back-end development in order to deliver the results you desire.

An out of the box SuiteCRM cannot provide an efficient experience, as each business is unique. That is why PRO can help mold the complexities of SuiteCRM into a solution your business needs. In addition to customization, our support services include training based on number of hours, not the number of users.


What We Bring To The Table


I was born and raised in Romania and in 2002 I gave up my French school plans for a fresh start in the US. After many unsuccessful attempts to join a company as a computer technician, I learned web design and search engine optimization and started to do home visits, helping people with their computer problems – that’s how PRO got started.


Adores his company and clients, coming up with improvement ideas on the daily. And he buys the rest of us lunch!


Wants everything to be done NOW (including lunch deliveries). Makes ordering lunch a national crisis.


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I used to spend a lot more of my free time with electronics. Now you're more likely to find me hiking or biking and enjoying nature and a simple peaceful life. But I'll never completely give up my tech toys. I've come to love my drone and making short videos about travel and life. After living in Chicago for 6 years, I'm now a digital nomad, working from Europe. 


Makes the 8-hour time zone difference work for everyone and is a superhero at helping clients + coworkers. Always asks you how you are.


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I moved to Chicago in 2016 from Williamston, Michigan where I had my own computer repair company. When I'm not saving the city from certain technological doom, I'm either binge-watching Netflix, reading comics, playing video games or jamming on the guitar.


Has an unlimited amount of patience. He is also crazy good at mimicking any accent and sound.


Flings rubber bands at coworkers when they least expect it.


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I moved to Chicago from Estonia just a few years back. I have worked as a translator for about 5 years and still do that on the side. Everyone who knows me will also get regular updates about my adorable Siamese cat whom I brought with me from Estonia. I'm also an avid reader, love astronomy and play more Dead by Daylight than I'd like to admit.


Shares food all the time. Also has a better American English accent than most Americans here.


Leaves energy drinks on her desk for days at a time and continues to drink them days later. Also misses 90% of the time when attempting to throw gum in the trash.

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Excellent Service!

After working with your team for more than two years, we here at Sports Profiles and Celebrity Sweat want to say how very appreciative we are to be affiliated with such an excellent IT company.

You are always there when we need assistance – we never have to wait for someone to get back to us and you are always able to solve any issue my staff might have… And, this is a crucial factor in choosing an IT partner as that partner literally controls the life-line to our clients.