Business VoIP Phone System

Voice over IP is essentially a way of using phones through the Internet. Compared to traditional phone ISP’s, VoIP has many benefits, including lower costs and increased functionality.

More specifically, you can enjoy using a customized voicemail and attendant menus, call forwarding, on-hold messages or music, using your cell phone when you’re out of the office, and much more. VoIP is the future of business calls, and everyone should get on board!

How can VoIP benefit my business?

 Switching to VoIP can save your business money

 Ability to use office phone on your mobile device

 Communication with excellent call quality

 You can easily scale up when you are growing or expanding.

 Hold face to face meetings at the click of a button!

 Provides an ability to integrate with other business systems

VoIP Features

3CX PBX Phone System

In today’s competitive market it is important to never miss a call. 3CX provides functionality for call queues, automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients. Its ability to answer calls from your phone, computer, or desk phone allows you to work from anywhere and the video conferencing feature allows for remote meetings without additional cost. There is no per extension cost, so your bill doesn’t have to increase as your business grows.


What We Bring To The Table