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For over 12 years, PRO has been Chicago's place to go to get your technology challenges answered. We have provided computer and laptop repair services for over 15,000 residential clients and small businesses. No problem is too difficult for our team of dedicated computer professionals to handle. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most professional and reliable solution to your problem. Not only that - we provide unmatched customer service, so that fixing your PC Laptop, Macbook, iPad or iPhone will be as stress free as possible.

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PRO Andersonville PRO Service Center (Jefferson Park)


Yelp Reviews Yelp Reviews


April 2016

"I rely on my computer to do my job. Without my computer I do not work.  For one who is self-employed, computer repairs are always urgent and getting back up ASAP is always critical. Pro is a life-saver.  I can rely on them to do what is needed, to not pad their bill with unnecessary charges (which they could easily do because who really gets how a computer works?), to have my PC ready when they say it will be ready and to have the charges be what they say they will be. 

When I have repairs that are needed but not critical, they work within my client driven schedule to do the work when it fits my timetable.  My last repair was a fan replacement.  They even let me bring my computer in, diagnose the problem, take it back while they waited for the part to arrive, and then bring it in at my convenience for installation. Stop looking for computer service.  Just go here; you will not be sorry."

March  2016

Took my business computer in for repair got it back same day!!! Love these guys. I've known the owner Florian for many years and he has always treated me as a special customer even though I rarely need his help. I'm sure the good people at Pro Computers treat everyone as Special!

February 2016

"These guys are so good at what they do! I couldn't give them better reviews for quick superb service. Purchased a refurbished laptop for a great price, and needed some help on a small issue. Their great software expert remotely accessed my unit and had me ready to go in under 10 minutes!  Do yourself s favor and go to PRO. They're the best!"

January 2016

"If I could give PRO Tech Professionals 6 stars I would. I desperately needed to replace my laptop screen while traveling for business and happened to stumble across this place after an online search. 
The service was phenomenal - below are a few reasons why: 

1) I emailed PRO with my dilemma and within 30 minutes I was all set to bring my laptop in first thing the next morning
2) Kenneth came in an hour before the store opened to replace my screen because I needed it early the following day 
3) Since it was only going to take an hour to replace my screen, I decided to hang around by shop. I wanted to get coffee and it was pushing a balmy 0 degrees outside so Kenneth let me use his bus pass so I could take the bus to the nearest coffee shop since you need exact change to take it - so nice!! 
4) My laptop looked brand spanking new in ~1 hour - amazing!!

I would highly recommend this place for any laptop repairs - the service was quick, the staff was uber friendly and my laptop is good as new."

October 2015

"So far, so good. Dropped my Macbook Air off a few days ago. Within a few hours, received an email with the issue (dead battery) and an estimate to have it fixed. Picked up the machine yesterday and it works as good as new. Staff (both online chat and in-store) were very friendly and accommodating. Plus the 120-day warranty is an added perk in case there are any future problems. Check them out!"

July 2015

"I am a big supporter of neighborhood businesses, but not all of them actually work out to be convenient to use.  PRO Computers Andersonville is not one of them.  Big plus is that it is next to the Hopleaf, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

This is the second time I have brought something in to be repaired.  The staff has been very friendly and professional.  I love the fact that they send out email updates IN ADDITION to calling to update you on the status of your order.  I was immediately contacted once they determine the extent of the repair on my daughter's computer as it was beyond what they thought could be done to keep the cost down.
With the replacement of a power switch and a clean up of the hard drive, total cost was way less that I thought it would be.  Also again, I was able to pick it up and have some champagne at the Hopleaf as a reward.
Service was a quote on a Monday and the computer was ready for pick up that Friday.  And I got a follow up email from the owner to make sure I was ok with the service.  
I hope I don't have to use them again because I don't want any more computer programs, but it is comforting to know that there is someone nearby that can take care of them :-)"

January 2015

“If ever a company deserves the mythical 6th star, it's PRO Andersonville and computer guru Adin. Long story short: thought I'd completely screwed up my custom build's motherboard after a BIOS upgrade gone bad. Computer wouldn't boot into windows, etc. So I bought a new motherboard and took everything to PRO Andersonville. Adin listened patiently to my predicament and said he'd be in touch within a day. About 4 hours later, Adin called with good news: the problem was just BIOS settings in my old motherboard and I wouldn't need the new hardware after all. He also installed the new graphics card that started my whole sad saga. Total cost under $50. Wish every place was as committed to doing the right thing by their customers. From now on, this is my no-brainer go-to when a computer problem out-kicks my meager know-how.” 

January 2015

“I called this company because my laptop needed repair and described the problem over the phone.  It was a power supply/electrical issue and they gave me a phone estimate of $99.  When I brought the laptop in, they checked it out, told me the laptop was fine and it just had a faulty power cord which they replaced for less than $32.  The guy who waited on me was very helpful and explained some things and answered all my questions.  I was very happy to find an honest shop that didn't rip me off for some unnecessary repair and will certainly use them again.” 

December 2014

“Needed a local and GOOD computer repair company for my Toshiba laptop.  Was searching the internet for any local repair centers.  Came across Pro Technology Professionals website.  Did a chat with their websites chat service.  Found them to have three locations on the northside of Chicago.  One in Andersonville at Foster & Clark St., another in Bucktown and their repair center in the 5000 block of W. Lawrence Ave. one block east of the Kennedy Expressway. 

Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff.  GREAT communications and record keeping and tracking of repairs along with very reasonably priced and fast repairs!

All in all, a great service company!”

October 2014

“A most excellent experience from the minute I called on the phone - despite the fact that in the end they could not recover my data - the hard drive was way dead.

 I worked in the IT field for over 25 years (and for attorneys no less) and I know the challenges of being at the entry point of troubleshooting computer issues. Everyone at PRO Andersonville was not just professional but also efficient and they were very clear in terms of what they were doing and when the work would be done.

 In my case - a blue screen of death on a Dell desktop - I called the main number, they set up an account for me on the phone - and when I walked in the Andersonville store they were ready for me. At the front desk Neil processed my order - he was friendly and he understood my data loss situation right away.

 Adin worked on the PC itself and was excellent in making sure that I understood why my data could not be recovered.  He called me to explain what was going on and while sending the drive out for diagnostics was an option, he worked with me to reach a decision as to whether or not my data was worth the hassle and the cost.

 Although one never hopes to have computer issues in the future, if I do I know where I'll go - PRO Andersonville.” 

 January 2013

“I came to Crescent twice for computer repairs and had very good experiences each time. The first time I had some lingering pop-ups and other problems that another place couldn't fix and actually made worse (you can seem my review of that elsewhere, if you'd like), and when I brought it in, they were able to get it taken care of quickly and affordably.

The second time I came in it turned out that my 5 year old laptop's hard drive was about to die. They were able to recover all of the information per my request, and then they called to talk with me about whether I wanted to spend the money for a new hard drive and the install costs, or just scrap the computer and put the data on an external hard drive. I opted to save the computer but I really appreciated their prompt service and talk through my options for me.

The only reason that they don't get five stars is that they have Saturday hours to drop off and pick up your computer, but their techs aren't there to offer same-day service. Since I have a long commute and can't make it to their weekday hours, this means that every repair had to take a week before I got my computer back. If I could get my problems fixed on Saturday, I would happily pay a premium to avoid going without my computer for a week.

All in all, I strongly recommend this business for all of your computer needs.”


Google + Reviews Google + Reviews

November 2015

"Amazing job! I brought my MacBook Air in... They fixed it so fast I wasn't able to come pick it up in time. It looks amazing... Works amazing... & I was even given a 10% discount. Will definitely come back, paid $221 for a damaged screen to be fixed "

January 2015

“ This is the new service center of the company, just opened! It is completely different from the usual overcrowded, dusty, tiny computer repair shops: it seems to be inside a department of the new Microsoft building. Very professional and organized. And large! But the one-to-one dedicated service is the same old one. I arrived on my set appointment and no waiting time; I was immediately serviced by a professional technician who worked on my issues for 2 hours until everything was fine. Quick service, efficient and also the bill was very reasonable. In addition, two days later the cable of my notebook suddenly broke, I needed my notebook for an important presentation and I couldn't wait the 2 days rush (and expensive) delivery from Lenovo; I called Pro Computers, went in one of their offices and they gave me one used cable they had in stock right away, and for free. I don't know if you could have the same special treatment, but for sure they do their best to help you to run your business. Excellent!”


December 2014

“ I've been taking my p.c. issues to Florian's Pro Computer for several years. He's expanded from the original location in Andersonville to Wicker Park. And he recently opened a new location on Lawrence Av. in Jefferson Park. That's a testament to success. Pro Computer is not another store front computer fixit shop. This is a well established business, with multiple locations that provides innovative and superior computer repair and maintenance services. Pro Computer is in the forefront of bringing corporate level I.T. services to residential users. Using Pro Computer's remote repair services is a no hassle solution to many common computer problems. At Pro you don't have to go through the hassle of taking apart your computer, driving it to some location and having to leave it for days. Sign up for the program and Pro Computers does the rest. Anti-virus protection, p.c. maintenance, software upgrades are all performed remotely from Pro Computers central location. This is a unique service in the Chicagoland area for residential users, p.c. support that previously was only available from corporate I.T. departments. Pro Computers is the place to go for proficient computer repair services and with their new technologies, they come to you. It doesn't get much better than that”.


January 2013

“Pro Computers totally saved my computer. I turned on my computer on day and there was a huge FBI warning that if you didn't pay them $300, they will crash your computer. My friend told me about Pro Computer, as he and his friend had excellent service with this company. They did an amazing job of cleaning out the virus!!! They checked my computer to make sure that EVERYTHING was working overall and now it works better then before. If you have any problems with your computer, check with them first before doing anything else. You will be glad you did”


Angie's List Review Angie's List

November 2014

“Provider removed a stubborn ad malware virus and fixed a number of software items that I did not want to have pop up at Start.  While Graham was a little late he was very professional and completed his work in a reasonable amount of time.  He was very pleasant and easy to deal with.  I love how easy it was to schedule the appointment and have the work completed.  They have been added to my "rolodex" for all of my future computer work.”

June 2014

“Replaced a worn power jack on one laptop computer and the keyboard on another. Everything went very smoothly and quickly.  Power jack replacement is common in laptops, and they give an upfront price and very fast service.  Have used them before on another laptop as well.  For the keyboard replacement, the price for a matching color was quite high for the part, and they recommended buying a different color for 1/4 the price, although they would order whichever we wanted.  I was happy they offered us the choice rather than just offer the more expensive one, and we went with the cheaper white keyboard.  Pricing is very fair, and the work was done quickly.  Would definitely recommend.“

April 2014

“I'm not a customer, but I'm preparing to buy a new computer and needed some expert advice. Kenneth was kind enough to talk with me at length over the phone and answer every question I had about various models, processors, and so on. He was patient and clear. I'd definitely call him when the need arises, after I purchase a new computer!” 

June 2013

“Florian, owner of Pro Computers, is amazing. I found them from Angie's List and will never go to anyone else for computer assistance. Florian is incredibly responsive, patient, customer-oriented, trustworthy, knowledgeable and nice. Although I usually work with Florian, I have also had good experiences with his employees as well. I have used them repeatedly for upgrading new computers, installing secure home office wireless networks, advice on dealing with computer gaming needs of my teenage sons and misc. troubleshooting.

When I had returned from vacation, the Comcast rep has totally messed up our Internet connection. I am field-based for work and work from home, needing access to the internet in dealing with the multitude of email and files that I need to review. When I sent out an SOS email to Florian, letting him know what had happened, he had reached out to me before 9AM that day and came over to fix, rearranging his schedule to accommodate. One can access Pro Computer's help either in the store (they are located in the Andersonville area of Chicago), remotely or in-house help.

I find their pricing very fair for the value and give them a 10 from a recommendation standpoint. Do not go elsewhere, particularly if you live on the north side of Chicago!” 

November 2012

“Not only did PRO Computers answer our initial call quickly, but Florian came out to our office and did a wonderful job for our computer network. The repairs to our system were taken care of immediately and Florian came back the next day for a follow-up. We also dropped off a laptop at their office where it's problems too were swiftly addressed and the laptop returned promptly. Florian's professionalism and full understanding of our system is top notch. He fit right in and got our system repairs up and running. The entire staff at PRO Computers is extremely helpful as well. 

We plan to use PRO Computers on a regular basis, to keep our company running smoothly and efficiently. We look forward to a long working relationship with Florian and PRO Computers.” 


Facebook Reviews Facebook Reviews

October 2014

“Except for restaurants, I rarely endorse other businesses. But this company is an exception to my rule. My laptop took a dump yesterday and wouldn't power up. Given my track history with technology, I assumed the worst. And when I did a quick search online, the consensus seemed to be that the motherboard failed and I'd need a new one, or a new laptop. I took my sick laptop to the Wicker Park location where I met Florian Militaru, the founder and owner of Pro Computers Chicago. He diagnosed and fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes. No, it wasn't a bad motherboard. He simply removed the battery and powered up the machine using the adapter. Problem solved. Price for the repair: $0.00. How many other places would have had me leave the machine so the could diagnose and fix it, then call me in a few days with a bill for a few hundred bucks? I'm glad I discovered this place.” 

August 2013

“You would be foolish not to hire Pro Computer, they are simply the best.

I needed work on expanding my C drive on my server, adding new drives and cleaning up and consolidating my drives. I had used Pro Computer a year before to install water cooling fans and to switch out processors in my 6 core computers (he did a great job and was reasonably priced).

Before Florian from Pro Computer came to the office we accidentally deleted a folder wrongly named, that folder contained our accounting program with 4 years of data (all our data) for two corporations that included all payroll, tax work for the IRS, accounts payables, receivables, inventory, everything, absolutely everything. When we went to restore from our backups we discovered that all our backups were no good (the people in the accounting dept never checked the backups even though they said they had), even our hard media CDs were not good, it was a business's worst nightmare.

Pro Computer arrived and immediately went to work, within an hour he and another gentleman were looking through my server on site and remotely and instructed us what to do and what not to do. He worked remotely for 2 days to help restore the deleted files. His communication skills are excellent.

Florian went through 7tb's of deleted info (from one of our drives) and found one of the deleted company files (the 2nd company files were corrupted) and he restored the good files back onto the server. He then corrected the server issues and transferred data from one computer to another and consolidated my server drives and then remapped all the companies computers to the new server drives. No fuss, no drama, he was efficient and thorough, and he did not cost an arm and a leg.

I have used other IT people in the past and was never satisfied, they took to much time and their billing was very costly for the work that they had done. From my experience of 33 years of working with computers (and we are knowledgeable) I am absolutely delighted to have found Pro Computer. From my point of view Pro Computer is more than highly recommended, they are the only company I will have working on my computers. Steven - Images of the World and Festival Theater Corp”