Business VoIP Phone System &
Cloud Hosted PBX

Based in Chicago, PRO can provide VoIP Phone System and Hosted Cloud PBX designed to meet your business' needs and make it sound like an enterprise-level company at fraction of the cost. Whether you have one ​or one hundred users, we can set up a cost effective business VoIP phone system that works for you. Enjoy many benefits from voicemail to email, cellphone forwarding, call recording ​​and wireless headsets — all without hidden additional monthly charges. You pay for minutes used, regulatory charges, and your phone number. We don’t nickel-and-dime you by the feature.

PRO provides our clients with a bundled solution which includes a Business VoIP Phone System, Phone and Fax numbers.  With PRO you no longer have to worry about the phone system and the phone lines connected to it.  Our business VoIP Phone service provides the following features:

  • Find-Me-Follow-Me: Work from your home, the road, vacation, or anywhere when you have all you work calls forwarded to another number. This feature also makes sharing your personal mobile number unnecessary.    
  • Unified network: Link remote employees and satellite offices all on your Chicago Business VoIP network. This eliminates costly inter-office calling and out of network calling among your employees.
  • Voicemail to Email: Know the moment you have a new voicemail without being near your office phone. Voicemails can be forwarded from your office phone to any email address and heard on any Internet ready device.
  • Fax-to-Email: Eliminate the need for a separate fax machine. Virtual fax enables you to receive faxes directly into your email box
  • Call Queuing: Prevent customers from hearing a busy signal by receiving multiple calls on each line.
  • Toll Free Number: Provide a free, easy, and professional way for customers to get a hold of you.
  • Auto Attendant: Acts as a receptionist on your main line by directing callers to a specific department or extension.
  • Hunt Groups: Customer calls are always answered. When a call comes in to the main line, the phones ring in your preferred sequence or all at once until the call is answered.
  • ​and much more. Give us a call at (773) 907-0600 for a FREE Business VoIP Phone System Consultation
  • Chicago VoIP Phone System for Business

    Are you a small business located in the Chicagoland area looking for a new phone system? You should consider hosted business VoIP services (or cloud based phone seas a terrific cost effective viable option).  Business hosted VoIP is perfect for a new start-up without any phone services yet installed, as well as the small company with less than 10 phones and companies with multiple locations.  The advantages of business hosted VoIP are numerous.  You'll get a phone system that is truly state-of-the-art with features like voicemail to email, attendant menus, call forwarding, message or music on hold, an administration portal, etc.  You'll also get a service that can be up and running in minutes with a monthly service fee that will beat traditional phone services by a large amount.  Savings you can put to work in other places, like expanding your business. 

    PRO provides small to medium size businesses in the Chicagoland area with a reliable, customized and cost efficient VoIP phone system solution to meet your phone service needs. Our VoIP Phone System has many unique features that will streamline your communication, improve customer service and productivity, ​enhance the appearance of your business and cut costs.

    Over the year, PRO has delivered custom business VoIP phone solutions to our clients in the greater Chicago area.  We have worked with a wide range of industries including:

    • Private Law Offices
    • Auto Repair (chain with 10 locations)
    • Architecture and Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Small Business Offices
    • Retail Stores
    • Real Estate
    • and more

    Asterisk VoIP PBX Hosted Solutions

    An Asterisk business VoIP phone system is a reliable, affordable communications solution for small to large businesses that need robust features at low prices. Asterisk, an open source VoIP PBX phone system software without license fees, allows PRO to offer lower cost systems that are rich in features and reliability. Now with Asterisk having gone mainstream, more and more small businesses are discovering just how good these Open Source VoIP PBX systems are ​while having very affordable prices. 

    Advantages of an Asterisk Business VoIP Phone System:

    • Affordability: Lower pricing means more money left over for your business operations. Asterisk VoIP phone systems use an open source PBX software that saves development costs and licensing fees.  These savings are then passed along to the consumer in lower prices for their equipment.
    • Features: A robust set of features is what will make your business communications work the way you need it to.  Asterisk is loaded with features, a truly big phone system.
    • Dependability: Having been around for over 10 years, Asterisk powers millions of phone systems around the globe.  The open source community has collaborated with new releases of Asterisk and share resources to make this application better and better. It is now the go to standard for VoIP business phone systems.
    • No License Fees:  Being an open source based system means no proprietary license fees every time you want to add something.  Additionally, most Asterisk phone systems can use any SIP-based IP phone, which allows you to purchase your phones online at the best prices.
    • Able to use your choice of IP phones: No one single phone is right for everyone or every company. With Asterisk-based business systems you should be able to pick different manufacturers and ​choose the right IP phone for you.

    PRO has years of experience configuring and setting up Asterisk VoIP PBX Phone Hosted Solutions ​— Give us a call at (773) 907-0600 and ask for a FREE Business VoIP Phone Consultation!

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