Business VoIP Phone System &
Cloud Hosted PBX

PRO can provide business VoIP phone systems and hosted cloud PBX designed to meet your company's needs and make it sound like an enterprise-level company at a fraction of the cost.

 Business VoIP is a great solution for a lot of different companies, since it is easily scalable, cost-effective, and has many different useful featuers. VoIP phones are getting more and more traction in the business world - find out why, and take advantage of it too!

Switching to VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45% each month compared to traditional phone service.

The advantages of using business VoIP phones are numerous. You'll get a phone system that is truly state-of-the-art with features like voicemail to email, attendant menus, call forwarding, message or music on hold, an administration portal, etc.

​So what can you expect if you switch over to a VoIP system?

Lower pricing means more money left over for your business operations. These savings are then passed along to the consumer in lower prices for their equipment.

A robust set of features is what will make your business communications work the way you need it to. Our offered small business VoIP systems are loaded with features that will make your work life easier.

VoIP powers millions of phone systems around the globe. The 3CX open source community has collaborated with new releases and shared resources to make the application better and better.


We have worked with PRO for the last several years and we have always felt that PRO treats us as their highest priority. Their customer service, prompt resolutions and tremendous knowledge of IT make us feel extremely comfortable having them as our IT solutions vendor.

– Highlands REIT

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